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Actor Chase Lee
Actor Chase Lee

La Croyance - Wins award at Korean Film Festival

Actor Chase Lee

Second Sight - Receives international film festival selection multiple times.


Trained as an actor and now pursuing film as a director for 5 years and working behind the camera for 10 years, Chase Lee's work includes short films, music videos & commercials. Additionally Lee is an acclaimed film maker with acceptance into festivals internationally.

Chase Lee is available for pitching all directing opportunities in films ranging in movies,series, music videos and commercials.


Professionally trained actor in the Meisner Technique. Lee is a highly versatile performer for both stage and screen. Lee is available to work internationally and is available for self-test when required.

Actor Coach

Lee works on many sets as a director, directors assistant, assistant directer, producer, producers assistant and additionally as a casting director. Lee often deals with actors on set to draw out their performance potential. Lee connects through to other actors by teaching the Meisner Technique which has been dubbed in the US as the "technique that works". Train along with Lee who gives insight into acting on and off set, preparation for roles and casting. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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